PracticeFlow is a service from Stallic Ltd., a family-owned British software company that has been trading since 2010.

We make software that helps businesses spend more time on the creative elements of their work that will help them thrive and deliver superlative experiences to their customers.

PracticeFlow is such a system, made specifically for accountants in the UK.

Stefan Magnuson, PhD


Stefan founded and also runs PracticeFlow. He has 17 years of experience in the building of software systems, including four years as a research scientist. He has worked in various industries from oil exploration to telecoms and in recent years has been involved in the startup scene in both the UK and Japan, where he lived from 2011-2013.

If you are wondering whether PracticeFlow will be a good fit for your practice, you have any questions about the system or you have ideas for how to make it better, please feel free to contact him directly. He loves talking to customers—after all, PracticeFlow is made for you!

Trusted by accountants

Practiceflow offers us a practical, efficient and cost-effective way to manage our deadlines.

As all accountants are essentially suffering from the same issues – shortage of time, risk of missing clients' deadlines, sharing knowledge amongst team members – I have no hesitation in recommending PracticeFlow to other accountancy firms.

James Richardson

I found PracticeFlow after searching the internet for a way to manage client deadlines and it's fantastic.

Our clients expect to be reminded when returns are due, when payments need to me made and how much they need to pay. That gets more difficult as your client base grows.

With PracticeFlow we can schedule key dates and tasks to make sure we don’t miss any deadlines.

It also acts as a central point to hold key data such as UTR’s.

We love it!

Steve Bicknell

Practice Flow has transformed the way we work in a time pressured environment, the daily reminders ensure we never miss a submission deadline and hence no late filing penalties.

Sharan Khatkar